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06-Feb-2020 15:41

Jeremy Laird over at rockpapershotgun recently described PC gaming as “an intellectual construct – an attitude to games design and playing games”.

I think he nails in a sentence what Microsoft and indeed many of the largest publishers in the gaming industry fail to consistently recognize and exploit.

Not long after, Epic Games' Tim Sweeney made a blistering critique of UWP and Microsoft's attitude toward it.

Microsoft's lukewarm response prompted the Unreal creator to lay out his ideas for improving the platform.

In a Windows 10 update that will be released "later today," Microsoft is finally adding support for uncapped framerates to apps on the Unified Windows Platform.

This update also gives UWP titles support for Nvidia's G-Sync and AMD's Free Sync technologies.

Today's update is a big step toward parity with the older Win32 API for gaming performance, but there's still a lot of ground to cover.

I’m surprised that getting to one of their line items at all didn’t shock the **** out of you.

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It speaks volumes about whether Microsoft really understands the market it’s trying to attract.It might not have been at all visible with all Windows store games tuned to mobile devices, that will not stress PCs much, probably even considering integrated GPUs. Now getting around sandboxing for mods, savegames and overlays is probably more tricky, but I am sure they can develop some API that would allow it without breaking UWP’s advantages.