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18-Feb-2020 21:35

The couple is happily married and blessed with a daughter. He also happens to be the first cousin of the actor Robbie Amell. He started off with the television and the first show that he appeared was the fourth season of the Tele series Queer As Folk.

He was born in Toronto, Canada to Sandra Anne and Thomas J Amell. After he finished college Stephen began his journey in the film world in 2004.

He has been able to make a huge name in the film industry by taking up different roles and acting opportunities., the star is also a professional wrestling fan.

He made his first appearance on WWE’s weekly Raw program.

Stephen is undoubtedly a loving husband and a caring father.

While Cassandra was popular for her appearances in various beauty pageants, nowadays she is better known for her relationship status.

They are also considered to be one of the most dynamic duos in Hollywood too.

The pictures on various social media platforms show how adorable family they have.

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Very little is known about how Stephen Amell met Cassandra Jean.He has also worked as an executive producer in a short movie where he can be seen acting as well.