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I'll follow the same policy during the road to Ember 4 and so I'll keep in sync with the latest stable version of Ember 3 and keep the content fresh. I have a long history of building web applications and have mostly been a back-end guy.

On a grey, chilly February day in 2013 that I’ll never forget (maybe it was January? made that day bright and the ones that came after that.

is a kick-ass framework for building web applications.

It's the only tool you need (on the client-side) to craft your idea into a working wonder.

Once you understand them you are on your way to taming and mastering This book -- like Ember itself -- is for teams and individuals who want the productivity boost that comes from shared community solutions. Instead of scouring the web for advice on how to use Ember, read this book.

I have also written guest articles for Safari Books Online, Air Pair, Firebase and Toptal.

Version 2 of the book, that is running on Ember 2, was published about 6 months later and I've been updating the book for every minor version ever since.

The first edition of this book followed Ember's journey to its 2.0 release.

I sent the first few to my subscribers and kept producing them. Once the screencast series was finished, I switched to blog posts and lengthier articles, and in 2014 I committed to posting something of value each week.

Then, after a long labor of (mostly) love, I published the 1st edition of the book in Feburary 2015, that used the then stable Ember version, 1.10. As Ember made progress in a neck breaking pace, I kept the book up-to-date with the actual stable version of the framework, and adding material that covered the new features.The 40th anniversary, vinyl editions of Overkill and Bomber are presented as deluxe, triple LP books that feature previously unseen photographs, original song lyrics, memorabilia and interviews with Motorhead co-conspirators from 1979. #Motorhead79 https://to/1979FADELUXE COLLECTOR’S BOX-SET “1979”, AND SPECIAL 40th ANNIVERSARY INDIVIDUAL DELUXE REISSUES OF “OVERKILL” & “BOMBER” TO BE RELEASED ON OCTOBER 25th 2019 WATCH A PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED, LIVE VERSION OF ‘BOMBER’ PLUS PREORDERS HERE!