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09-Jan-2020 20:30

They actually just took us up to a ranch where he has his own tank that he actually drove in the Austrian Army when he was 18. It was originally brought over for a Planet Hollywood that he wanted to have a military theme.

He bought it and flew it over here about twenty years ago. Well now you can ask him to give you a ride some time. But for this, since it’s his return to action, he wanted to have something big and fun for the press people to do.

That relationship is like: they dated in high school, she knows him better than anyone, but he always let her down basically and now they have to put their differences aside and work together, which was the fun part. We’re working for something bigger than our relationship. She was very helpful and invested in just talking to try to create that story and the director, too, very interested in what can we build and what kind of details can we bring.

We have very few moments where we can show that, but we work at building the backstory and all that.

In life, usually, even if you live in a big city, you can count on your fingers on one hand how many real friends you have; that’s human. I play the same character, little different…you get a little more of his backstory, a little bit here and there.

But I think Jerry was probably really his best friend and we tried to talk about friendship. I’ve heard they’re very happy with it, which makes me happy. I can’t talk much because I’m not allowed to, but I think it’s going to be pretty cool.

You did mention the romantic history and backstory with Jaimie Alexander’s character, Sarah Torrance.

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He’s a little troubled, a little lost in life and he’s having a hard time to readjust, when Owens offers him an opportunity to redeem himself.So, maybe you should pull some strings and get yourself a ride. has a fantastic international cast and crew, with director Kim Jee-woon being Korean, obviously you’re very famous in Brazil, plus Genesis Rodriguez and Luis Guzman.