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26-Apr-2020 11:34

That is something else I can celebrate in Sufjan's music.

When I first really got into Sufjan, I thought he might've been gay after hearing ' The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades.' But then there are other songs like, ' Casimir Pulaski Day' and ' Impossible Soul' that seem to be making reference to women in a romantic sense.

He sings about falling out of love on "Spencer's Butte", a landmark in Oregon. The songs on C&L are emotive but not overly detailed/descriptive. It's his business, but even if I'm just projecting, even if it doesn't matter...

I googled the place, and the pictures I found (here's one ) reminded me of a couple pictures Sufjan posted on his blog, mainly this and this . In all honestly I think this is a stretch, and though Sufjan's sexuality doesn't matter too much much I'm pretty convinced he's straight... EDIT: Also, I'm not too sure who this Andrew is, anyone familiar with him? I got the impression "John My Beloved" might be partially a song about hooking up with a guy out of grief and falling for them despite not totally . There's also a line in "Drawn to the Blood" that goes, "the strength of his arm, my lover caught me off guard..."Sufjan's always been pretty vague about who he's singing love songs to. I am a married (to a woman) man but as a younger man I had several sexual experiences with male peers.

He's married to his music, his children are his infinite albums, and he's seeing lots of cash from his current tour. I've heard rumors, from a compulsive liar friend, of a studio recording floating around it there, but I've seen no evidence otherwise.

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