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Items on display included a shrunken head, art done by serial killers, and President Lincoln's last bowel movement.

While some of the items are legitimate, some are frauds, and it's fun to go through and decide what it real and what is fake. The interior looks more like a setting from the Harry Potter movies than a museum, but their impressive collection features thousands of unique items that performed nearly every imaginable function.

See a large display case full of real human skulls, pieces of Einstein's brain, a tumor removed from President Grover Cleveland, and much more.

Jim Cheney | Special to Penn Live The Houdini Museum Scranton's Houdini Museum features artifacts related to the life and career of magician Harry Houdini.

There might be no stranger museum in Pennsylvania, or in the country, than the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia.

Part of The College of Physicians, this museum focuses on medical abnormalities, some of which are quite stomach churning.

Some date back to the earliest days of two-wheeled transportation, while others have celebrity connections.

Located above a bicycle shop, the museum features hundreds and hundreds of vintage bicycles.

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Compiled by Jim Cheney | Special to Penn The weirdest museums in Pennsylvania Pennsylvania is filled with hundreds of museums, and nearly all have at least one offbeat item.

However, some museums stand above for having entire collections that have to be seen to be believed.