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20-Nov-2020 10:53

Of the approximately 20 one-on-one conversations presented by the police at the time, there were no illegal videos that he circulated, inappropriate videos that he received, or problematic conversations, so he relayed his statement [as such].Lee Jong Hyun left the chatroom himself a long time ago, and it was difficult to confirm the exact facts regarding Kakao Talk conversations from four to five years ago, so the agency was only able to release a statement based on his claims relying on his memory of the past.He will be careful about all of his words and actions as a public figure, and he will reflect and accept the consequences of his wrongdoings. If he’s over the age of consent then I would say do nothing.It’ll only lead to more drama, embarrassment and arguments and won’t help anything.

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The group chat history, leaked by a whistleblower on April 19 to a digital sex crime eradication organization DSO, shows evidence of distribution of illicit footage of women who were filmed without their knowledge.The video clips are of incidents that allegedly occurred at Burning Sun, a now-shut club in Gangnam, according to a local media report.