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And through the years, there’ve been some groundbreaking interracial hook-ups in the cinema world. Biracial, militant radical film student Samantha White (Tessa Thompson) hosts a controversial radio show called Dear White People where she routinely calls out the racist practices of her school and its White student body. follows African-American lesbian Cheryl, who works at a video store as she attempts to make a movie about a Black actress from the ’30s known for playing stereotypical “mammy” roles.EBONY presents a definitive countdown of the 10 most intriguing interracial films. Yet the “blackety Black and I’m Black y’all” hellraiser is secretly dating her White teaching assistant. Does her relationship mean she’s a sell-out for dating a member of the same tribe she often times protests? The bold filmmaker (played by Dunye) picks one particular actress cheaply credited as “The Watermelon Woman” as the subject of her documentary.Leticia Musgrove (Berry) is wrecked with grief over the death sentence of her convicted murderer, husband Lawrence (Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs) and the unthinkable, accidental death of her obese son. She later meets Hank Grotowski (Billy Bob Thornton), a corrections officer who’s coincidentally connected to the execution of Lawrence.

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Given the era, you can pretty much guess that things do not end well. (2001) Halle Berry’s Oscar-winning vehicle is also one of the most controversial films of the aughties.It’s a curious fact considering that the attractive pair—who team up to uncover a string of murders, including the assassination of two Supreme Court judges—seem all but headed for a serious hook-up.But alas, , which became a major box office hit, was criticized by observers who called out the film’s tepid avoidance of the sexual elephant in the room.But soon the two grow closer, going head-first into a torrid love affair.

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Not only does Flipper cheat on his devoted wife, Angie steps out on a very jealous boyfriend.

From there, thankfully treats the sidebar relationship like any other racially fueled hookup. He meets fellow asylum resident Rachael (yep, that’s D-Wade’s better half, Gabrielle Union) who believes she’s the reincarnation of Adolph Hitler.

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