Smugmug smart galleries not updating

22-Oct-2019 22:25

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All the guests for all the weddings I’ve announced since I’ve been with Smug Mug have been getting confusing, incomplete emails.

Smug Mug told me that at least some people are accessing the galleries, but all this says to me is that they were frustrated and had to call and bug my clients for log in info.

So, for me this means that for every wedding I’ve shot for the last 3 years, my clients have not received the correct info on accessing their galleries. Not only has this impacted 3 years of print sales, but it’s probably generating negative associations with my brand because every guest who tries to view the wedding is unsuccessful.

I’d been wondering why my print sales and gallery traffic were so low. Here’s a closer look at the glitch: to announce a wedding to clients, Smug Mug users create an “event” for the photo collection.

The problem is with Smug Mug’s system for announcing galleries to clients.

They have an option for entering custom text in your announcement, so you can customize this to include passwords and other relevant info that Smug Mug’s generic message doesn’t provide.

With Sharegroups, you can share a select group of galleries with one link.

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Guests are receiving the generic Smug Mug message which provides no event specific info.

If I use the guest link just like any other gallery visitor would, I am taken to a screen like this: By entering my info here, I should be setting myself up to receive the template that I saved for this event.