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Hardback – 576pp – March 2014 – Price 50.00 Considerably expanded wrt Beolens & Watkins 2003 (Whose Bird?), now covering scientific names (including genera and subspecies) in addition to common names. But Eponym Dictionary is not the only one to make this mistake. I just noted the disparity, that all the other Wiki-pages (Ukranian, Bulgarian and Finnish, I think it is) also state his birth to (15 December) 1781. People with this variant have some resistance to HIV infection and also take longer to develop AIDS.Generally, only people in Europe and western Asia carry the variant, and it becomes less and less frequent as you move south.[Note that the catalogue gives the publication date as March 2014, but the Bloomsbury website currently gives 19 June 2014.]Thanks Richard, Im looking forward to have a peek at that book … and cant wait (for those four species "few people today will have even heard of" mentioned in the sales promoting text of the coming Eponym Dictionary of Birds): 1. "the Tennessee legislature with that facility for blundering which seems an inevitable characteristic of Tennessee legislature at all periods inscribed his tombstone Merriwether"If Wikipedia is correct as indicated by Bjrn thread #22 the date of birth on HBW Alive needs correction. I only hope the editors (or the authors themselves) have had plenty (and here I mean plenty) of time to revise some, quite a few, of the statements made in their first book "Whose bird? a k a " Albertina's Starling " = today Bare-eyed Myna Streptocitta albertinae SCHLEGEL 1865 (1866) as "Charitornis albertinae": "L'pithte confre ce charmant oiseau rappelle le nom de Tune des aimables filles de notre dfunt ami, le professeur VAN LITH DE JEUDE; qui, mainte fois, a eu la bienveillance de nous faire, avec une grace parfaite, les honneurs des riches collections de son pre". Neverthless I totally agree with Mearns review on The Eponym Dictionary of Birds.

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Also commemorated in the subspecie/"group" Picus canus guerini MALHERBE 1849. = today Pharaoh Eagle-Owl Bubo (bubo) ascalaphus SAVIGNY 1809 = the French naturalist, collector ad explorer Jules-Cesr Savigny (1777–1851), whose full name was Marie Jules-Cesr Lelorgne de Savigny (Family name sometimes written Le Lorgne de Savigny or Lelorgue de Savigny), "membre de l’Institut d’gypte" that participated in Emperor Napoleon I's exploring of Egypt – who himself described and named the specie (as "Bubo Ascalaphus" page 110), in Des Oiseaux de l’gypte et de la Syrie. In any case, I have to admit, that the mere idea of such a forthcoming book makes me lose some steam in my own Etymological Project.

Every taxon with an eponymous vernacular or scientific name (whether in current usage or not) is listed, followed by a concise biography of the person concerned.

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