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Other challenges can be eating disorders, depression, and family problems.At this age, teens make more of their own choices about friends, sports, studying, and school.CDC’s Breastfeeding Information This site has answers to frequently asked questions about breastfeeding.CDC’s Information on Infant and Toddler Nutrition Tips for Parents – Ideas to help children maintain a healthy weight.This is a time of many physical, mental, emotional, and social changes. Most boys grow facial and pubic hair and their voices deepen.Most girls grow pubic hair and breasts, and start their period.Choose My Plate – Kids AAP’s Healthy Children website provides information on feeding, nutrition, and fitness for all developmental stages from infancy to young adulthood.

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This also will be a time when your teen might face peer pressure to use alcohol, tobacco products, and drugs, and to have sex.

Act Early.” Campaign For more details on developmental milestones, warning signs of possible developmental delays, and information on how to help your child’s development, visit the “Learn the Signs. CDC’s Parent Information (Children 0―3 years) This site has information to help you learn how to give your child a healthy start in life.