Text message dating companies

17-Feb-2020 05:25

She knows exactly what the text message says, and who sent it.

With an inexpensive spy app she bought online, she can spy on his texts and see virtually all activities on his phone.

Not to mention the added feature of being able to see how many messages you have used and how many are available each time you log into the system. “ “I recently relocated our business and started using text180, it is a great tool, and a quick way to send bulk sms to our customers about specials or updates about our company.

The interface is easy and simple to use, the staff is very helpful, they even took the time to help me import and export list I had to add to our account.

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The mobile user texts a keyword that the business owner chooses (such as Pizza or Insurance) to the TXT180 short code (21000 or 77948) and then receives an autoresponse message from the business.

Once people opt-in a business can send future SMS alerts.

The services are MUCH easier to use than we could have ever expected, at the cheapest rate out on the market! ” TXT180 is the best text message marketing provider in the marketplace because our focus is on support and customer success.

We at City On A Hill are fans of TXT180, and recommend it for all churches and organizations! It also helps that we have the best SMS short code pricing in the industry as well as the easiest short code in the industry to remember: 21000.

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