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Top Ten Award by ' Best of the Web' Dating Services Category, 20.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Robert Lee, President a Love Links 250-314-7076 The Dating Since 2003, The Dating Wizard's mission has always been to offer men the most effective and practical resources for becoming successful with women.

I chose the latter, and spent years learning from every source I could, sifting through endless sand to find those rare jewels of insight that actually worked, consistently, to improve a man's charisma and success with women.

This e Book is the sum total of those years - and it's gold "The Dating Wizard: Secrets To Success With Women" is the instantly downloadable ebook that allows men to learn how to reclaim their masculinity and discover in themselves the charisma that they've seen in guys that are popular, and successful, with women.

Making that first positive impression is well covered and explained in the "Secrets to Success with Women" ebook. says "This contest is a wonderful opportunity for one lucky man to learn not only that indeed meeting the woman of his dreams is within his power, but he will also learn exactly how to go about pursuing that goal.

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It's packed with immediately applicable insights that men can start using to meet women the very day they get the book.

CD series - The Seduction Mastery Apprenticeship Program CD Set is an in-depth program that teaches men the most advanced concepts for attracting women in all situations, from that first moment a man walks up to a woman, all the way to keeping the attraction long term.

Seminars - The Dating Wizard Live Seminar, is a fantastic way to learn in person, in a comfortable seminar environment, the most advanced concepts for attracting women.

Clients will learn in a highly interactive environment and get to "pick The Dating Wizard's mind" and take advantage of the years that have been put into mastering these crucial skills for dating success.The Dating Wizard's "Secrets to Success with Women" a Love Links Contest Information: The contest runs from May 7 1200 Noon Pacific time until May 31 2007 am Pacific time.