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06-Aug-2020 15:11

updating fallout 3 patch-51

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T-51b Power Armor" (Altered Activator: DLCAnch T51Display Armor01)the description, changed "Operation: Anchorage" to "Operation: Anchorage" (Altered Perk: DLC02Covert Ops).impossible to get this item in normal gameplay it was fixed for the cheaters! DLC02American Intel Note01, Altered Terminal: DLC02Artillery Protocol Terminal). when killed ect (Altered NPC: DLC02Field HQQuartermaster). Pip-Boy wasn't equipped and the gloves using the standard texture (Altered Armor: DLC02Armor Power T51b, DLC02Armor Power T51b Wasteland, New Form List: UF3PArmor Winterized Power51b List, New Armor Addon: UF3PWinterized Power Armor51b Left Hand, UF3PWinterized Power Armor51b Right Hand). Player Has Follower nor is he controlled by it at all) which allowed you to aquire a second follower if you already had another follower with you and Dogmeat at the time (Altered Script: Dogmeat SCRIPT).(Altered Dialgoue: 58080).DLCAnch T51b Armor, Altered Armor: ).mainframes under the T-51b stand to not appear in-game (Altered Cell: DLC02VSS01).(Altered Cell: DLC02Anchorage Battle Wilderness 1,-4). (Altered Object Effect: DLC01Ench Metal Armor Lead).(Altered Object Effect: DLC01Ench Metal Armor Lead). New Quest: UF3PEPFix TP).(Altered Armor: DLCPitt Armor Power Ashur). New Quest: UF3PEPBSFix).1st Person DLC03Tesla Cannon, New Texture Set: UF3P1st Person ECCell BS). DLC03WQ03Mother Curie Ghoul, DLC03WQ03Sun Of Atom, New Script: UF3PReaver Glow Fix Script). DLC03Creator Quest Script).health (Dogmeat has 15000HP when you're at level 30).FOOK2 team for the auto-completion fix in the This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough quest and Faction fixesobject placement fixes by sialivi Broken Steel GNR broadcast fix by LLJKTechnogeek Holy Water Pamphlets Disabler by bigmill Point Lookout Goodies by explosivo666Outcasts fix by Papadopoulos Stop Insulting Me Outcasts by Lawlder Super Duper Mart Aisle Sign Fix by Marcius Beard Eyebrow Fix by gengrimm1.5: The Pitt Reforged by xmlninja Leo Stahl's Drug container to require only a key to open bug spotted by polbashkisneslo Bring Back Bael by dragontwosix1.6: Tesla Cannon Vertibird One Shot Fix by Pr0bability (1.6.1)Sink in the player's home at Megaton to be purified Thanks to Fook2Anchorage Gauss Rifle VATS Damage Fix by coelomate Ranger Helmet Texture Unlocker by aiglos357Citadel Crane Fix by zedas The Pitt - Everett Fix by svartberg Operation Anchorage - Fixes by Yukichigai Mothership Zeta Wasteland Teleport Shader Fix by rad666a Fixed Eyeglasses by 1st Dagger Moriartys Key Restored by thegord The fix for an intractable problem with Faydra, Tobar, Catherine wandering off to wherever the player is was identified by rickerhk Credits for the Original version of this patch by Quazzy: Quazzy, and a long list of UF3P contributors documented at Nif Skope Team - no mesh fixes would of been possible without Nif Skope, invaluable program!sialivi - for reporting well over 1100 issues (which I'm still working on fixing).Also fixed the conditions, it was checking to see if the target was a "Mutated Animal" more then just Mirelurk's are classed as a "Mutated Animal" so added an extra check so the damage is ONLY applied to Mirelurk's (Altered Perk: DLC04Mirelurk Ecology).Script: UF3PReaver Glow Fix Script).dlc05cameraeye01.nif, dlc05cameraeye02.nif).dlc05assmblnanim01.nif, dlc05assmblnanim02.nif, dlc05assmblnanim03.nif, dlc05assmblnanim04.nif, dlc05assmblnanim05.nif).dlc05mzsmalllights_e.dds, dlc05mzsmalllightscryo_e.dds, dlc05mzsmalllightsdesat_e.dds, dlc05mzsmalllightsstasis_e.dds).down\up out of view (Altered Mesh: dlc05pipebigbase01.nif).

DLC05Alien Epoxy, Altered Script: DLC05Alien Epoxy Effect SCRIPT, New Message: UF3PAlien Epoxy).dlc05alien2.nif, dlc05alien3.nif).

Benwah deciphered and updated the installer and compiler, agitating for updates to this patch that no one seemed to think was possible for years.