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Because these principles are explained for for those who to use, sometimes the pre-requisites are returned by low-application software.

Sometimes the signal is returned by a function substantially eliminated and strong in the stack from your personal signal which is handling the failure.

If errors occurring in several programs or applications and are happening, then the culprit is your OS.

Fix 0x9c by changing the equipment, after a device was installed in your pc, particularly when the problem occurs.

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java 2d graphics paint flicker when updating

Kees I HAVE A SIMILAR is missing.i managed to restore, expanding it from cd rom of xp in the emergency recovery console but when i start, still appears the choice that tells me: what do you want to boot? hello, sorry, myabe you remind me for long post on hd sorry for you but im forced to explain all the story from the beginning, so you can understand.i hope to be clear, at least better than in my past post.i replaced my hd.i installed xpi launched my back upntldr is missingi retrieved (took) from xp cd rom using the recovery consolepc still not workingi retrieved (took) also the file pc is workingbut at the boot im told: file not validin the post on internet where i found the solutions to restore ntldr and file i also read that to make a good job, i should now change the attribute of the filed copied from the xp cd rom.attribute changer is the software to do thati downloaded, it is free, but dont worki discovered that attribute changes can be made from the recovery console, by chance, but i will do that any case as i told, file at the boot of my pc is told to be not validi dont like that, even if my pc work, or sound to be working, because i dont know if becuause of this not valid file, later, in the future, i will meet problems..(the new hd are revealed to be at 68% health status, very strange since they are new, and my father's hd is old, but is 98% . i close the process of the reserach and i can operate normally again.. apart from these two information (health status, and block of research) that are not the real the end i found the file backup.

.)so when i try to search in my whole pc the file to open, and undertand why is not valid, my pc, during this long reserach, suddenly blocked..

what is the point to make a back up if then the back up is corrupted? should i launch the back up from recovery environment on the virgin hard drive without first installing os?

if so, i tell you i already made it, no as i told you in my second (long) post, bootcfg does not work..idea why must be in c:\ and not in d:\ where i have my os? and yet the file contains right values, because if you digit: panel controlsystemadvancedsettings (for reboot and recover menu)the box "current operating system" is ok, tells me "microsoft windows xp professional /fastdetect"and the other filed and values are present and correct. That's just a text file in the root or top of the drive so no extra app is required.

ANOTHER PROBLEM - why some file disappeared from my external hd without removing them on purpose? Bobhello bob,it is not that i don't want to follow your suggestion.i told you i did not understand what you meant saying" typing xp file finds all the info about it so i don't type it here"now maybe i got iti think that is a sort of application that can be downloaded by google and once installed in my pc i can find all the info about my boot.iniplus as i told you my bootcfg /rebuild or other commands, does not work, i don't know why, so i can not follow the instructions in the link (microsoft....) that you posted before.i did not understand also these 2 sentences: Over at the CNET Storage forum we have a top post "Lost & Found" that offers the usual recovery apps. NOTEPAD is fine but the fact that BOOTCFG fails is not a good sign. You did this before and know which step trashed the OS.The fact that TESTDISK is not finding the drive is, yet another bad sign.-- Yes I own a nice quad core desktop. Starting a new discussion in someone other discussion can cause trouble as I may take it that the problems and causes are the same. NOTHING IS BUSTED ABOUT THAT and we are losing sight of what problem we are trying to solve.

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