Updating organizational forms outlook

17-Mar-2020 01:25

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To change a field's label text, right-click the label, choose Edit, and enter the new text.

Not all fields can be changed or deleted; if the background is gray and the Field Chooser (shown in Figure B) is visible, you can edit the contents.

Spend a little time familiarizing yourself with the available fields.

Many predefined fields are available, but you can create a custom field when necessary.

I'll walk you through the process and even show you how to add a bit of VBScript magic.

You'll always begin a custom form by modifying one of the default forms shown in Figure A.

Then, click Customize Ribbon in the left pane, check Developer in the list to the right (under the Customize The Ribbon drop-down), and click OK.To add a field, choose the appropriate category from the Field Chooser drop-down and then drag a field to the form.Figure C shows two new name fields: Assistant's Name and Manager's Name.Perhaps users need an updated message or journal entry form.

If you're sharing calendar data, you'll probably start with an appointment or even a task form.

Using the Control Toolbox, you can add any of the controls you're used to working with: label, text, combo box, list box, check box, option button, toggle button, command button, and so on.