Updating textpattern xkcd dating age formula

19-Nov-2020 00:26

I believe it now works as an article although I have still got a few more things to add and I am not quite sure whether I will do this in the original or write a part 2.I am quite pleased with the title and its double meaning.It was just a section with an article using the default page and default article and looked a bit of a mess. Using a theme has two main advantages: First you have the original to fall back on if something goes drastically wrong and second, until you are ready, only you can see the changes made – it doesn’t affect the live site. There is a much quicker and easier way to create a new theme, which I shall reveal later.It was while doing some research into how to do it properly that I came across this post. The only problem was that I was being told to replace . But I think it is worth at least trying to do it the hard way to get a better insight in to the way theming in Textpattern works.

But first I want to reorganise the directory structure so that it is more obvious what files and folders belong to Textpattern and to mirror my home web server setup. -d # Change 'subfolder' to be the folder you will use for your main domain. The only trouble is Textpattern itself is causing a problem for me.This process could take many months and maintenance of two versions is too onerous … I’ve temporarily squashed the deprecation notice, but it will be restored when things have settled down, maybe next version.

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