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C., field office Depending on the variation, you may see a warning banner from a “government agency” or “software maker.” In a different type of attack, known as Cryptolocker, you might simply get a pop-up message demanding ransom in exchange for the encryption key to restore the machine, he says.

The “fine” — aka ransom — ranges from about 0 to 0, says Savage.

But you won’t get a call from a utility worker demanding that you make an immediate payment to them, says Chan.

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Avoid illegal downloads, sketchy sites, and live links in email.Another settled for a .9 million judgment, he says. If you don’t recognize a charge, call your phone company for an explanation, Pozza says, and request a refund for anything you didn’t authorize.Some phone companies also allow you to block third-party billing. When it finds a pattern of “cramming,” it can take action, says Pozza.If you are (or have already been) hit by this scam, contact the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaints Center.

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“You very well could have the one piece of information” that could help catch the criminals, says Savage.Another variation: A text “alert” from your bank or cellphone company that your account’s been frozen. But with a scam, that link leads to a look-alike site that thieves use to harvest personal information, says King.

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