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Yet, many people do not agree with the premise that the Armenian Church is apostolic, that is that she has been founded by an apostle of Jesus Christ.Such people like to call the Armenian Church Gregorian, thus implying that the Church originated only from the time of St.The Crossing Put: A Journey amongst the Armenians, 2nd ed., 1995.Christapor Mikaelian (October 18, 1859 – March one, 1905) born in Agulis (Russian Empire) was just one of the a few founders of the Armenian Innovative Federation along Stepan Zorian and Simon Zavarian.However, the Armenian tradition about the apostolic mission is very strong and firmly rooted in order not to have an historic foundation.

The wedding ceremony is held in the church in the course of which the groom and the bride give official promises.

For example, there is no actual documentary proof that the Church of Rome was founded by St.

Peter, but is based largely on tradition and on the say-so of later leaders of the Church.

April 24, 2006 marks the 91st anniversary of the to start with Genocide of the 20th Century, regarded as the Armenian Genocide.

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