Yahoo adult chat room and cybercrimes

31-Oct-2019 11:56

Computer as a tool to commit a crime Under this category, the computer is utilized to effect a crime, this is irrespective of the fact that it is used against another computer, but the important fact is that it is the tool that effects the computer crime.

Most of the crimes that fall under this section are regarded as those of monetary gain: forgery, embezzlement, theft et al.

Thus in the American legal system, under murder one will find: first degree, second degree, and felony murder.

Well, with the example given it is easy to incorporate that there are a number of cybercrimes. As Edward stated that there are also the perpetrators, who are they?

Clinging on the terms offered by author, a computer is targeted for various reasons.

This will amount to destabilizing of the computer; the degree of destabilizing is not relevant.

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The three crimes can take effect at one setting by one perpetrator.This is whereby the computer or a network of computers is/are used to store a given set of data, information, and/or information technology.

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